Are you stuck in a debate between choosing curtains and blinds?

After the Curtains vs. Shades & Curtains vs. Shutters, there is always that constant battle of blinds vs curtains and they each contain numerous amounts of advantages and disadvantages.

No need to stress, as ART Blinds has your back! We feel it is important to inform our customers of the pros and cons on each of their choices, which is why below, we have compared and written the disadvantages and advantages of blinds vs curtains.

Whether you are looking for the most cost effective option, or something to suit your home’s interior design, we understand that this is an option that you need to live with and therefore need to carefully think through.

Made to Measure Blinds

Advantages of blinds

  • This style of window treatments is more affordable.
  • The user is provided with complete light control.
  • The advantage of choosing blinds as your preferred window covering, is that they are easier to clean.
  • Blinds are also more hygienic as they don’t collect dust so easily and won’t attract dust mites unlike curtains.
  • This style of window dressing suit small rooms and rooms with lots of windows, as they don’t appear as overwhelming in comparison to curtains.
  • Window blinds take up less space in comparison to curtains.


Disadvantages of blinds in windows

  • On the other hand, blinds will need to be cleaned more often.
  • In addition, blinds are less efficient at keeping in the heat.
  • The window blind slats can easily get damaged, especially if you choose aluminium or plastic blinds.
  • Blind cords can be a hazard around young children.

Curtains and Drapes

Advantages of window curtains

  • Window curtain styles can keep a room warmer during the winter periods.
  • Curtains come in a wide range of styles, colours and patterns.


Disadvantages of curtains for windows

  • The disadvantage of choosing curtains over blinds is that they take up more space than blinds and therefore can make a room appear smaller than it really is.
  • Long curtains can easily get messy, especially for people with young children.
  • Curtains and drapes for windows can be more costly in comparison to blinds.

Curtains and Blinds

Advantages of blinds with curtains

  • Through choosing curtains and blinds together, you are getting the best of both options.
  • You will receive flexible light control by installing window treatment blinds.
  • Hanging curtains over blinds will increase the level of insulation your home will receive during the winter periods.
  • Blinds and curtains together also improve your level of privacy.


Disadvantages of curtains with blinds

  • Twice the amount of window decor, means twice the amount of cleaning.
  • Using both window cover ideas means that they will be taking up more space.
  • Choosing both window treatment ideas to be installed in your home, means that it will cost more money.

If you’re looking to get blinds or curtains installed, call ART Blinds today at 01702 559 969 (CLICK TO CALL) and we will be more than happy to lend you our professional blinds and curtains installation services.

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