Choosing between curtains and shades can be such a tricky situation.

While these options both have so many pros and cons between them both, they also have quite a few similarities.

If you have become an indecisive person, unable to make a decision between these two options then don’t worry, leave it to the professionals to help you out.

We have written this blog post especially for you, listing the pros and cons of curtains vs shades options along with the similarities they both have.

Window Curtains Advantages

One of the main advantages of installing a curtain design window cover is that should they need cleaning, they can easily be taken off of the pole and put in the washing machine. This makes them an ideal option for people with children.

With curtains, you also don’t have the worry of any strings or cords, which also makes them the safer option for parents.

Window curtain types can come in a variety of styles, from curtains reaching the floor, to small curtains for small windows.

Curtain window treatments can also come in a variety of different patterns and colours.

Window Shades Advantages

The main advantage of window shade ideas, is that by installing shades, you get more control of how much and how little light can enter your home.

Shade window coverings are also designed so that they don’t take up much room, unlike curtains.

Meanwhile, shade curtain treatments can come in a variety of styles, colours and patterns.

Curtains for Windows Disadvantages

One of the disadvantages of installing curtains as your choice of window dressing in comparison to shade curtains, is that you don’t have as much light control.

They take up more space in comparison to window shades.

Curtains are also more likely to get dirty quicker due to them taking up more space while also being in easier reach of children and being moved about a lot to open and close.

While curtain styles for windows are much easier to clean than shades, the disadvantage is that due to the thickness of some curtains styles and their length and width, they can take a long time to dry out, meaning they will need to be put in a tumble dryer, launderette, or you will have to wait for a sunny day where you can put the curtains outside on the line.

Shades for Windows Disadvantages

A disadvantage that would put off many parents from installing fabric window shades is that they have a cord so that you are able to adjust how much light can enter your home. This can therefore make them unsafe to have around children.

Meanwhile, another annoying disadvantage is that the window shade design can make this product quite tricky to clean.

Similarities Between Window Curtain Styles and Curtain Shades

One of the main benefits, whether you are installing different styles of curtains or shades is that you have a wide variety of colours and patterns to choose from, so that that can blend in with the decor of your home.

Both of these options are fabric window coverings.

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