Metal Venetian blinds are an attractive window covering that appeal to homeowners, landlords, tenants, and business owners alike. Whether used in the lounge, bedroom, or office, they combine a stylish aesthetic with great practicality to deliver fantastic value for money. While their low-maintenance attributes are one of many positive features, knowing how to clean metal blinds with effective cleaning strategies is an essential feature for keeping them in pristine condition.

The good news is that metal Venetian blinds tend to suffer from an accumulation of dust and little more. Once you find a winning method to clear the dust particles, you should find that the job can be completed in a matter of minutes each week.

Clean Metal Venetian Blinds with a Duster

cleaning with duster

Knowing how to clean metal Venetian blinds with a duster largely revolves around two main issues; the preparation and the technique.

Before grabbing your duster you should inspect the blinds to notice any grubby stains that aren’t dust. Once you have identified them, you should turn the mental Venetian blind to an open position and wipe the dirt clear with a window cleaning spray (washing up liquid works as an alternative) and soft sponge before dabbing dry with a paper towel.

As for removing the dirt, you should follow the following three-point plan:

  1. Turn the blinds to a closed position with the gaps pointing down.
  2. Use a duster to wipe the louvres with a downward stroke.
  3. Turn the blinds to a closed and gaps up position before repeating step two.

Following this, you can check the blinds from both closed positions to check that they are clear of dust.

Cleaning metal Venetian blinds with hand cloths

cleaning with hands

For a more precise dusting method, you can use hand clothes or specialised duster gloves. The process is very similar to the duster method and begins with removing stains with the cleaning spray and paper towel method.

Following this, you will want to lightly grip each louvre one at a time and slide the dust horizontally from the central region to the edges.

Cleaning metal Venetian blinds with a vacuum cleaner

cleaning with vacuum cleaner

When looking at alternative ways of how to clean metal blinds, the vacuum cleaner approach is particularly popular. It is arguably the quickest way to clean the blinds, although it will only pick up dust rather than cleaning dirt too.

The main concern with this method is that a poor method can damage the louvres. Here’s how to clean metal Venetian blinds in this style:

  1. Attach a soft bristle upholstery attachment.
  2. Set the vacuum cleaner to a low suction setting.
  3. Shut the blinds and use a light motion over the slats from top to bottom.
  4. Turn the blinds until they are shut from the other side and do the same process.

How to clean metal Venetian blinds while hanging

For the quickest approach to cleaning your metal Venetian blinds, it will be best to complete the job while the window coverings are hanging up in the room. For most people, in both homes and commercial settings, this will form the approach to weekly cleaning.

The duster and hand cloth methods can be completed every few days while vacuuming will usually occur once per week. The key is to stay on top of the situation rather than allowing dust to accumulate.

Thorough cleaning of your Venetian blind outdoors

In addition to knowing how to clean metal Venetian blinds through regular cleaning, you may need to deep clean them from time to time too. This is most common when the window coverings have accumulated grease or other dirt that isn’t dust.

To clean the metal Venetian blind outside, you can place it on a blanket on top of a flat surface such as a garden deck. The process is fairly simple and requires nothing more than a sponge, a bucket of warm water and liquid soap, and a bucket of cold water. Simply:

Use a sponge to wipe each slat using the warm water and liquid soap mixture.
Rinse with cold water from the bucket, or use a hose.
Hang the blind up vertically to dry.

If you want to accelerate the drying times, a hairdryer on a low setting will work.

Thorough cleaning of your Venetian blind indoors

When you do not have an outdoor space to complete the deep clean process, you can achieve equally great results indoors. The bathtub is usually the best place to do this.

Place a mat down inside the bath to prevent scratching. Run the bath with warm water and add liquid soap o a few sprays of window cleaner until the blinds are submerged under the water. Next, you can simply wipe the slats with a soft sponge or non-abrasive material.

When you have harsh stains, it is advised to leave the Venetian blinds in the bath overnight. Once clean, you can hang the blinds over the shower to dry.

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