Why Vinyl Shutters Are The Perfect Choice For Your Bathroom?

As you can imagine, coming up with a small luxury bathroom design can become somewhat stressful due to the limited space. Especially when you were hoping to get wooden shutters. Unfortunately, due to wood not being ideal for humid rooms, we would advise against this.

With this said, we do have an alternative. Vinyl shutters are just as aesthetically pleasing, and with the added benefit of suitability, they are a perfect choice when decorating bathrooms.

For some bathroom inspiration and information about vinyl shutters that are waterproof and suitable for wet rooms, continue to read on.

Vinyl Shutters are Stylish & Practical

Bathroom interior design is all about personal taste. Which is why bathroom designs can cause, well let’s just say, ‘disagreements’ between couples.

Maybe for some it can end up in full blown arguments over whether to paint the walls or tile them, but let’s not bring up any old arguments.

While these ‘disagreements’ are usually settled with compromising, the one thing we believe you should not have to compromise on is the way you frame your bathroom windows.

With vinyl shutters there is nothing to argue about. They offer a sleek design while being practical.

Almost everyone can agree that vinyl shutters are stylish and can be suited to any bathroom designs. Which is why they are a popular choice when people are redecorating a bathroom.

Vinyl Shutters are Waterproof

Wet rooms can get very humid because of all the steam from the shower. Without any walls or shower curtains to help keep in the steam to decrease the humidity in the rest of the bathroom.

This can cause material blinds or wooden shutters damage. Fortunately vinyl shutters are waterproof.

To help generate your shower room design and some ensuite ideas why not check out this Pinterest page.

Variety of Different Styles and Colours

Interior vinyl shutters come a variety of different styles and colours. Depending on what coloured shutters you would like, you should think of a colour scheme around your preferred window shutters.

This will ensure your entire bathroom design will nicely tie up in a beautiful colour organised bow. Making up a colour scheme is very easy to do.

Firstly pick out one colour you love, then choose the shade of that colour. Is it a deep bold red, or more of a coral red?

Once you have done this, you can start to build up a colour plan. Choose colours that compliment your original colour by playing around with this interactive colour pallet.

Where To Buy Vinyl Shutters for your Bathroom

Turn your house to home with stunning home design ideas incorporating our bespoke window shutters and blinds. Art Blinds are professionals in the blinds and shutters industry. We also install beautiful awnings for commercial and residential customers.

Designing a bathroom can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

Let us worry about framing your bathroom window. We are here to help you with installing any shutters or blinds. Give us a call on 01702 559 969 or simply fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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