Not everyone wants to put holes into their walls when they are decorating. One main reason for that is the person doing the drilling may not own the home or apartment they live in and they don’t want to put holes in the walls. Other times, someone may want to sell their house eventually and the less things that need to be fixed the better. No matter what your reason, it is totally possible to hang window blinds without drilling holes in the wall. Here are a few ways you can accomplish this task.

How Easy It Is to Install Blinds

Blinds installation does not have to be that time consuming. Art Blinds and Shutters will come directly to your home and take exact measurements of your windows. Then, we will custom make your blinds for you. No drill installation is the easiest and there are several ways this can be done. No drill installation is not that expensive and with a few tricks of the trade, it can be done in a relatively short amount of time.

How to Fit Blinds to UPVC Windows Without Drilling

No matter the shape of your window, you can fit blinds without drilling holes. For no drill blinds for uPVC windows, the best way to fit the blinds is to have an adhesive tape on the top of the blinds where you can peel back the strip and then firmly press the blinds into the window frame. This will eliminate the need to use any kind of screw or bracket to keep the blinds up.

To properly fit them, if the blinds are made of paper, all you have to do is measure the blinds to the window, grab scissors, and cut away what does not fit. In the event that you have purchased the proper size for the window, then all you have to do is stick the blinds on and you are done.

No Drill Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds can be put onto your window without the need of drilling. Venetian blinds like the Elisse Venetian Blind Collection and the Couture Venetian Blind Collection already come without cords or cranks. Now you can have Venetian blinds free from screws. By using a peel back adhesive you can mount Venetian blinds onto your window frame. These types of blinds tend to be heavy, so a strong adhesive will definitely be in order. If the blinds are too heavy for adhesive, you can use a tension rod to hold up the blinds so that you won’t have to use a drill.

How to Hang Blinds With Command Strips

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Using command strips is a great alternative to using a drill. Command strips work on just about any surface there is without damaging the surface or leaving behind any kind of adhesive when you take the blinds down. Command strips are also super affordable and they only cost a few dollars as opposed to paying someone a lot of money to install the blinds for you. Command strips have been designed to hold up to 16 pounds of weight, so they will be more than able to hold up your blinds. Here is how to use command strips to hold up your blinds:

  • Clean the surface you are going to stick the command strip on. Alcohol wipes work the best for this kind of cleaning. This way dust and dirt won’t be left behind where they can prevent the command strip from sticking to the wall.
  • Apply three command strips to the window. One on each side then one in the middle in order to have the ultimate support you need to hang the blinds. Let the command strips sit for a while so that they can firmly attach to the wall. The instructions on the back will tell you how long it is recommended that you wait for the strips to stick.
  • Once the strips are fully adhered to the wall, hang the blinds on the strips and then you can enjoy a drill free installation of your window treatment.

How to Hang Blinds Without Brackets

If you do not want to use brackets for your blinds, command strips are the best alternative as they will allow you to stick the blinds on the frame. If you buy any of Art Blinds and Shutters’ cordless blinds, you will never have to yank on a cord that could bring down the treatment.

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