Top Tips for Beautiful Bay Windows

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If you live in a Victorian-era home, or one that has been designed with this stunning style in mind, you may well have a bay window. These are often considered one of the best features of any home, Victorian or not, as they offer space, light, and a beautiful effect inside and out. Yet there […]

Do Shutters Completely Blackout a Room

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Are you a shift worker, new parent, or someone who sleeps during the day? Normal blinds and curtains won’t always provide you with the level of light closure you need to get a solid sleep during the day; you may need to consider an alternative, such as shutters or blackout blinds. If you do work […]

How Much do Window Shutters Cost?

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One of the most practical and beautiful window dressings you can fit inside your home is the wooden plantation shutter. But before you make the investment, how much do wooden plantation shutters really cost? Many people assume they are expensive because they are so sturdy and longlasting. If you opt for DIY installation, you can […]

Different Types of Window Shutters

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A window shutter is a stable window covering installed for the security, privacy and to prevent outside elements from entering the house. There are mainly two main types of window shutters interior window shutters and exterior window shutters. We are going to look into the different types of window shutters in this article.  1. Full […]