Whether you have recently moved or you just fancy redecorating, there is always that question of blinds or shutters, which is better?

There are many pros and cons of plantation shutters and window blinds, which is why we have put a list together for you, to help you make a clearer and more informed decision on whether window shutters are best or if shutter blinds would suit your home more.

Difference Between Blinds and Shutters

With blinds, not only do people choose this option as you can let in as much or as little light as you like, but you can also choose whether you want to raise the blinds or lower them.

On the other hand, window shutters are more about keeping your privacy while letting in as much or as little light as you want in your home.

Advantages of Plantation Shutters

Shutters for windows are growing in popularity, especially with there being many advantages to installing interior shutters:

  • – One of the advantages of shutters, is they are fitted to your home, meaning they add value to your home.
  • – They are more durable.
  • – They increase the levels of privacy in your home.
  • – You can control how much or how little light enters your home.
  • – Installing indoor shutters adds a level of insulation to your home.
  • – Indoor window shutters also add an extra level of sound insulation.
  • – Louvered shutters are safer than blinds as there is no need for cords or chains.
  • – They are easier and quicker to clean unlike blinds.

Advantages of Interior Blinds

Window shutter blinds are often a simple cheap option to your window decor problems.

Here are some advantages on why you should choose windows with blinds:

  • – Your blinds can come in a variety of designs, materials and colours to fit in with your home style.
  • – You can control the level of light that enters your home.
  • – Privacy in your home is increased.
  • – They provide your home with a softer lighting effect unlike wooden window shutters and they also have a gentle and elegant touch.
  • – Out of shutters and blinds, blinds are the cheapest option of window coverings.

Disadvantages of Interior Window Shutters

While there are many benefits to installing shutters on windows, here are some things to think about:

  • – One of the main disadvantages of internal shutters, is that they are generally more expensive than blinds.
  • – They are fitted to the window frame, which means they take up more space in your home.

Disadvantages of Blinds for Windows

Some points to consider when you are thinking about installing shutter blinds for windows are:

  • – Blinds can be time consuming to clean.
  • – They can get damaged much more easily unlike wooden shutters

Ultimately you are the person who has to make the decision between window shutters or blinds.

However, if you are after further expert advice to answer your question on should I get shutters or blinds why not give ART Blinds a call today on 01702 559 969 (CLICK TO CALL).

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