If you’re like most household owners, you have that special attachment to your bedroom. This is a room which acts as a perfect getaway right within your home. With so much importance in your life, the bedroom deserves exquisite pampering. One way to do this is by using bedroom window shutters. Find out how bedroom shutters can transform this space to create a comfy and serene space.

Types of Wood Shutters for Bedroom Windows

Wood materials give your home that touch of classic beauty. With wood shutters, you can improve your bedroom windows functionality and the aesthetic touch. Here are examples of wood shutter styles:

  • Louvered shutters
  • Raised panel shutters
  • Board and batten shutters
  • Plantation shutters
  • Bahama shutters/Bermuda shutters
  • Café shutters
  • Cut out shutters

These are only a few of the wood shutters you can use for your bedroom. The best product should easily blend with your bedroom’s décor outlook. When choosing the shutter style, consider privacy and ease of opening the shutter system.

Are Plantation Shutters Good for Bedrooms

Plantation shutters are now popular alternatives to window blinds and curtains. The shutter system features tilted wooden louvres fitted to the window frame. It’s possible to open the shutter panel like a door. Are shutters good for bedrooms?

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These shutters are ideal window treatment for the bedroom because they allow in natural light whenever needed and they’re better at this than curtains. These shutters also add a touch of timeless style to your bedroom. They are easy to maintain, unlike curtains and drapes.
If you want to improver privacy for your bedroom, you can choose bedroom blackout shutters. Other advantages include giving your bedroom a sense of serenity by keeping out noise. They also add value to your home. Whatever your décor style, you can choose a plantation that blends with your colour scheme.

Colour Choice for Bedroom Shutters

If you want your master bedroom with plantation shutters, choose a colour scheme that helps you relax. This is your perfect sanctuary and you want shutters that blend with the rest of your bedroom’s style. Some of the ideal colours to choose include:

  • Grey shutters: This is a neutral colour and a safe choice if you want to boost privacy in your bedroom
  • Pink shutters: A popular choice for those looking for those after feminine qualities. Pink shutters give a romantic touch to your bedroom and they’re also welcoming
  • Vibrant yellow shutters: If you’re the bold type, yellow shutters are the perfect idea to add some personality to your bedroom
  • White shutters: White shutters for a bedroom are a classic choice. White is not only attractive but also gives a sense of serenity to this living space

You can choose a complementing or contrasting colour choice for your shutters depending on your styling preference.

FAQs about Bedroom Shutters

  1. Are shutters ideal for a bedroom? Yes. They help regulate natural air, light, provide privacy and enhance the look of your bedroom
  2. What are the best bedroom shutters? They include louvered shutters, raised panel shutters, board and batten shutters, plantation shutters, Bahama shutters/Bermuda shutters, café shutters, and cut out shutters
  3. How do I buy bedroom shutters? Consider your styling and functionality needs, compare different products, and order online

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